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Spiritually Dope Mornings

♥ My Spiritually Dope Mornings got me feeling… Meditation, gratitude, affirmations & yoga. I know, I know… Yogi vibes, right? I best describe myself as spiritually dope. My last…

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Current WTF on food

I’ve said it before, I like to keep it as real as it gets, therefore writing about what ever it is that is currently going on. Right now,…

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Palm Oil

Ditch The Palm Oil

Ditch the palm oil, for your health and the orangutans! If you are consuming palm oil, well then you can’t sit with us. So to be totally honest,…

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Green Smoothie

Green Smoothies

Green Smoothies are so next level! My preferred smoothie choice – the green one pa-lease. Okay. Okay. Before you role your eyes, I swear by a good green…

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GMO Crops

Nasty Ass GMO’s

So as most of you know [ if not, you do now ] I’m a pretty badass kind-a vegan, like right up there with Al Gore. Well maybe…

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