Spiritually Dope Mornings

♥ My Spiritually Dope Mornings got me feeling…

Happy Me

Meditation, gratitude, affirmations & yoga. I know, I know… Yogi vibes, right? I best describe myself as spiritually dope.

My last post I touched on emotional eating, after having a weekend of, well, just that.
Lately, I have been dealing with the homesick blues, work OVERLOAD & still trying to function like an adult. The outcome – water works over missing my family, a total whack feeling of being out of place & just MEH! And now I’m recovering from a major caffeine overdose!

I NEEDED TO CHILL THE F* OUT! Get my groove back! I did some serious thinking. Really I sat in silence with my thoughts and wrote it all down. Clarity hit me so hard.

My morning was totally off.

Now.. Let me start off by saying, I’m not one for routine & seriously believe the same shit can make you feel totally bored with yourself, it’s sort of like my hate for food prep. That’s a no go – for me anyway. [ Think of it like wearing the exact same outfit everyday? ] So it’s what ever I’m feeling for the day.

With one exception…

There is a very specific way I like to wake up. My mornings always started with meditation, gratitude, affirmations and a workout. And lately I had been lucky to even manage to get 5min to just chill with my thoughts.


As soon as I set my mind to it, it was a done deal. Like most things I set my mind to. So back to the early mornings, just enough time for myself.

WAKE UP… *You got shit to do
No jokes this is now around 4 / 4:30 am. I’ve decided to stop complaining about needing more time in my day & start MAKING more time.

+ How I avoid hitting the snooze?
I was kind of binge watching Jinti Fell’s vlogs [ P.S love her ] & came across something interesting that she mentioned. She said, if you are constantly hitting the snooze button you are LITERALLY trying to postpone & resist your life. This stuck with me, it is literally my first thought when my alarm goes off. I ain’t going to postpone my life!

I lay in bed & listen to a guided meditation for gratitude. BOOM – Meditation & Gratitude in one go. Hella efficient! I usually go for about 10 minutes.

+ Side note
Gratitude is a GAME CHANGER. Meditate, think it, write it or do it all, but constantly show gratitude for what you have now, today. Family & friends, coffee, a great ass… [ This will get a post of it’s own. ]

+ “Where focus goes, energy flows” – Tony Robbins


Affirmations are so key. I have a journal & carry it everywhere I go. I have written affirmations that I read to myself every morning. Actually when ever I feel is necessary.

Okay, so I check my phone, just like everybody else. Duh! I may make a little list of things to get done & remember while doing a little social media recap.

Eventually I get up & do some sort of a workout. Lately I have been obsessed with starting my day with yoga. But like I say it is what it is for the day – yoga, run, high intensity workout. No one makes the rules.

This basically sets the tone for the day. It’s not perfect everyday [ don’t forget my love for a good drink or two – anymore & I’m waking up with a headache ] I’m all for doing what works for me. And now I’m back to my badass self.

P.S. I’m still missing my Joburg fam & friends – December what’s up!

Anyway, you got to try it [ what have you got to lose? ] the benefits are UNREAL

See ya on the blog
N xx

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