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I’ve said it before, I like to keep it as real as it gets, therefore writing about what ever it is that is currently going on. Right now, that’s basically E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. And I still managed to squeeze in a nap over the weekend? I never learn…

Anyway.. with so much going on, lately I have been feeling a little, well, UURRGGHHAA! You know? That shitty feeling. And how have I been coping? Gratitude, coffee & FOOD. Duh!

Put it this way, I no longer see comfort/emotional eating as a totally bad thing. I don’t even see it as a thing. As soon as I label something, [ ‘diet’, ‘cheat meal’, ‘emotional eating’ ] a whole lot of guilt comes with it, sound familiar? I know putting food in my mouth every time I’m feeling something isn’t going to lead to optimal health, but neither is stressing over the food I want to enjoy.

So I thought about it… WTF now?

Two words: Just CHILL! No really, write it down, stick it somewhere you can always see it & remind yourself to just chill. Let me let you in on a little secret, if your ‘diet’ or food choices were perfect 100% of the time, you’d be boring [ & bored ] as fuck! This was my recent stage, seriously, it all had to be perfect & now I’ve moved on from that. See ya…

Remember when I got pretty real with you on my about me post and told ya [ like a zen guru ] I listen to my body. [ Read it here ]. Well.. LISTENto yourself! Some days we need to let ourselves ‘indulge’ for no reason other than it’s Tuesday and Tuesday rhymes with tequila & taco’s.

Here’s the difference, I still keep it clean & because I’m totally clued up on what works for me [ most days ], I go for organic, guilt free, corn tortilla’s, and make it myself. All while enjoying my tequila. Here’s that word again BALANCE!Enjoy the food, enjoy the moment & the next day I’m back on track, without trying, guilt free…


Of course I have a few wise words and tips for ya on the topic.

Feeling for a little something-something? Not sure what you actually want but that craving is there and it’s REAL, reach for the fruit first. It WORKS. [ Sex too, BTW ]

+ Make it yourself! There is ALWAYS a healthier option for what ever it is that you’re wanting. Make it yourself, and if you’re anything like me by the time it’s ready, you’re packing it away because you’re so full from all the tasting.

+ Listen to your body! Focus on the foods you can have rather than the foods you can’t. I cannot for the life of me [ I’ve tried ] eat anymore gluten. My body goes totally whack! So I work around it. I LOVE this TedX talk.

+ Okay so this point is going to hurt some people! I cannot think of anything worse than meal prep!
Firstly you’re eating the same boring, shitty ass meal everyday. MIX. IT. UP. Trust me. We will touch on this touchy subject in another post.

+ GET OUT. Maybe you’re constantly eating because you’re stuck in front of the T.V, binge watching Netflix series. Go out, date, take yourself on a date, have sex, sports, meditate. What ever!

+ MOVE ON. Made one bad food choice, don’t beat yourself up. It will happen again & again & again. It is what it is. Some days I eat tons of fruit and veggies, other days I’m eating peanut butter, straight out the jar because YOLO. Peanut butter is the bomb!

[ BTW ] I came across this blog & I love her. Isabel Foxen Duke.

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