Never Settle

Never Settle

“Since I was 15 I’ve either been with a guy or breaking up with a guy. I haven’t had so much as two weeks just to deal with myself.” – Eat Pray Love. Movie & book by Elizabeth Gilbert

Sounds a little like me up until a year ago. Actually I’m pretty sure Elizabeth Gilbert took inspiration from my life for this quote! Ha! It has almost been a year now that I have been living a single life. I’m living on my own with this ‘doing it all for me’ kind of attitude and honestly, it has been the best experience ever. I’ve lived with a boyfriend & as much as I’ve gained from the experience, I wish someone had told me to live on my own first. Anyway, now that I have had the time to be on my own, like really on my own, I only live by two words when it comes to relationships.

Never settle mug

NEVER SETTLE… like this is a ‘thing’, my thing & it should be yours. Compromise, maybe, sort of like saying don’t sweat the small stuff. Can’t make my fave gluten free, fried banana & peanut butter pancakes the way I like it? Don’t sweat it! But ya ain’t willing to try? NA-EXT! [ I take my pancakes seriously. ]

I know exactly what I want now. If he doesn’t make me laugh so hard I cry, or doesn’t think I’m the best damn person to walk the earth, or heaven forbid doesn’t like my yorkie, UHM BU-BYE! He’s also got to have character with distinguishing qualities. He has to give me some kind of feeling I just can’t find anywhere else.

Think of it like a grocery list. It’s a list for your fave recipe, something you crave, it’s tasty & exciting, too good to be true. You make the list because those are the items you need, right? And are you going to settle, maybe leave an item? Well no because you won’t be able to make that perfect recipe, ya dig?

Every list is going to be different, but what ever it is that you’re into, get it girl [ or guy ]. Don’t ignore a single item on your grocery list.

In the meantime, I’m loving the single me! I have clarity, I have absolute no time for shitty personalities & I’m so independent I feel pretty badass. Plus dates are so fun – good food & wine!

FYI, I have settled, over and over again. You know how people say madness is when you do the same thing but expect different results? Well yeah it applies, settling leads to a stale relationship, & I’m just too damn good to end up in that situation. Every relationship has taught me something different, no two are the same, but all of them have left me with the same attitude I have now – be selective & never settle. Oh and on my bad days I watch Sex and the City episodes.

Anyway that’s me, and I am seriously about to watch Eat Pray Love.

See ya on my blog!
N xx

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  1. Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Absolutely love this ❤️ Helped my current situation actually. #neversettle is what I will be using now.

    Thank you

    1. Nadine Duke
      2 years ago

      So glad I could help!

      Always find myself coming back to this post, something to constantly remind yourself.

      Good luck! N xx


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