Green Smoothies

Green Smoothie

Green Smoothies are so next level!
My preferred smoothie choice – the green one pa-lease.

Okay. Okay. Before you role your eyes, I swear by a good green smoothie. So it’s only right I dedicate a post to them.

So really… What’s the deal?
These drinks are filled with all the good stuff. Most importantly, it’s quick, simple and PORTABLE – these are my fave kinda recipes. You see, I am always on the go, in a rush, planned two things at once, late to work, late to basically everything and I love my sleep. Well you get it and ye’ I’m working on it. Back to the smoothie – throw everything in the blender, toss it in a mason jar and drink on the way to what ever it is I’m already late for.

Breakfast sorted! Healthy, clean and delish all while basically doing a morning run [ Haha! ].

Seriously though, keep in mind as much as a green smoothie in one hand may make you look [ & feel ] totally healthy AF, they won’t forgive all your sins. Like the 3 bottles of wine you had the night before [ been there ]. Good news it’s still a real belly sucker, tighter ass kinda meal. With tons of fibre, it kicks cravings and keeps you satisfied for hours [I’m talking to all the constant snackers of the world like myself! ].

My go-to smoothie basics

I always keep it green [ duh! ]
It doesn’t have to look green just add your dark leafy greens. Nutrient powerhouse and great source of protein *Think popeye

½ a frozen banana [ sometimes a whole banana, what ever, I love bananas ] & an apple or frozen berries.

Now for the good stuff
I almost ALWAYS add some avo. Good fats + fibre, creamy, filling & keeps you, well eh, regular. This ingredient is a little gem.

The other stuff
Chai or flax seeds
Unsweetened almond milk
Nut butters

Tips for the newbies

Keep it simple, really you have a lifetime ahead of you, you don’t need to add every ingredient you can possibly find in the house. Less is more.

Portion control – it’s a lot easier to drink more than what you would normally eat.

GO GREEN, don’t suck & ditch the plastic straws! Ye this deserves a post on its own. In the meantime, check these & these.

Would love to hear from ya. I’m getting into the plant based protein powders & powdered greens, any recommendations?

Drop me a line.

N xx

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