Nasty Ass GMO’s

GMO Crops

So as most of you know [ if not, you do now ] I’m a pretty badass kind-a vegan, like right up there with Al Gore.
Well maybe not but you get the point. [By the way check this is a must watch] Over the past year or two, eh… or so I have been so conscious of what I put in my body. I like to keep it as natural as possible but with a little twist and just the right balance. I mean wine comes from grapes anyway, right?

First it was all about the bod, I mean who doesn’t want to look good when dancing around in their underwear with a glass [ or bottle – what ever ] of wine in the hand? P.S. If you haven’t done this already, do it… And thank me later!

Anyway, back on topic, now I’m all about my health, with health comes everything else. So lately I have made it my mission to understand GMO’s. FYI, I’m STILL reading on this topic almost everyday, and have plenty still to learn. In the meantime, I thought I would share what I have learned and now understand. It is my blog anyway.

So let’s keep it simple and straight to the point!

What is a GMO [ Let’s pretend you asked ]
GMO = Genetically Modified Organisms
GMOs are created in the laboratory when scientists isolate genes that are responsible for certain traits in one plant and insert the gene into another plant or add genes from non-plant organisms to a plant. [ PROBLEM: There is no way this can occur naturally in nature ]

Still not getting it?
In the early 1990s, the tomato was one of the first ‘experiments’ with this technology. The anti-freeze genes from an Arctic fish were forced into tomato DNA, allowing the plants to survive frost. P.S it was never made into the marketplace, but at least now you get it, right?

What we want to focus on : GMO crops

Why though?
GMO crops exist because they are able to resist the pesticides and herbicides that farmers use to protect their crops, against anything harmful such as weeds and bugs.

Now there is a lot of debate whether GMO’s actually do any harm. My rule – clean, natural, organic, [ & vegan ], as best as I can. GMO’s, IN MY OPINION, are by far any of the above.

For the vegan kido’s and tree huggers of the world, there are environmental arguments against and in favour of GM crops. For example, some GMO plants can be “designed” with a built-in resistance to insect pests. These plants need fewer pesticides, making them a greener choice for farmers. But as said above they also exist to resist pesticides and herbicides USED. Pesticides are one of the main causes of the loss in bees & FYI, if bees die we die #jutsaying. Read this

For all the locals – SA babies.

What products contain GMO’s and how to avoid it.
There are no GM fruit or vegetables grown or on the market in South Africa.
Read ingredient labels carefully, and choose organic products whenever possible. Be aware of the fact that the genetically modified crops grown in South Africa are pre-dominantly white & yellow maize (corn kernels), cotton and soya.

So there you have it. This is how I understand GMO’s, everyone will have a different opinion and hey if that works for you, do you. I choose to avoid it as best as I can, if I have a moment of weakness… Well… Sue me!

My main source. Woolworths you rock!

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